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Design / Engineering

Sandy Hook Elementary
Sandy Hook, CT
June 2016

Our design, engineering package includes custom CAD generated floor plans including architectural riser diagrams, detailed specifications and product data sheets. Fire Technologies plan submittal and expediting services ensure that all required permits and fees are accounted for and filed as required by your local authority. Our precise knowledge ensures that deadlines and commitments are met for a reliable system installation.



Project Front End:

   We’ll help early in the process, supporting your work in design, value engineering, estimating and specification review. Getting the details right up front reduces your risk.


Design/Build Team Member: With our staff NICET IV certified, factory certified licensed electricians, Fire Technologies can take you building envelope and create a code compliant CAD design including full sized color drawings. Fire Technologies is your behind the scenes fire alarm system design partner helping to separate your company from the competition.


Submittals / CAD Drawings:

   We’ll provide all hard copy/electronic submittal packages including factory produced data sheets, battery/load calculations, system performance matrixes and system function narrative reports. Our in-house CAD department will provide full sized riser diagrams and we will work with you to provide as-built drawings at the project’s completion.


On Site:

  We’ll be on the job site, delivering the system components, working with the foreman and crew to leverage best practices for installation to avoid costly mistakes.



Finish Line:

  We’ll assist you at the final connection and programming stages of the system with our factory certified licensed technicians/electricians. We’ll make sure the system is fully operational and passes all required inspections on time.


NFPA Documentation:

  We’ll supply and assist you in completion of all required NFPA documentation required by the AHJ. Our timely partnership in this critical component will smoothly attain occupancy for the tenant.



Never Your Competitor:

  We will always provide you with the finest products and technical services available but NEVER compete with you in your efforts to install and service YOUR customers installations. Team Fire Technologies is committed to your total support and satisfaction.


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