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BDA Systems



Fire Technologies is not your typical engineered system distributor. We are also an experienced factory authorized stocking distributor for the countries’ leading Bi Directional Antenna solutions provider Radio Solution's Inc

Please call our experienced staff for your next projects BDA solutions from our thorough product offering.

Radio Solutions, Inc.

  • Proudly Designed and Built by Radio Solutions, Inc. (RSI) in Norwell, MA USA

  • NFPA, IBC, IFC Compliant

  • FCC Part 90 Certified

  • All Public Safety Frequency Bands Supported, Various Models Available

  • Channel and Band Selective Designs

  • Alarm Interfaces Built-in, Alarm Logging with Time Stamp Included*

  • Status Notifications Included for Battery Capacity, Battery Voltage, Antenna, Power Supply, Charger, Primary AC Supply, Amplifier, BDA Components Monitoring

  • Advanced Diagnostics with multiple microcontrollers

  • Fully Integrated Primary Power Supply, Secondary Power Supply and Charger*

  • Compact and Lightweight Unit, Space-Saving Design, Easy Installation

  • Excellent RF Performance - Low Noise, High Gain and High Power

  • Oscillation Prevention Feature Available

  • High Reliability

  • High Power Efficiency (>92%)

  • Extended Battery Backup of over 30 hours Included

  • Corrosion Resistant, Welded and Fully Sealed NEMA-4 Aluminum Enclosure

  • Economical, Cost Saving Design

* Patents Pending

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